Jan 28, 2017 - Feature Film, Horror

Directed by

John Carpenter

Writing Credits (WGA)

John Steakley (novel)
Don Jakoby (screenplay)


Sandy King

Cast (in credits order)

James Woods
Daniel Baldwin
Sheryl Lee
Thomas Ian Griffith

Run Time:

108 minutes


A vengeful vampire slayer must retrieve an ancient Catholic relic that, should it be acquired by vampires, will allow them to endure sunlight.


"Vampires taps into an appealing mix of anti-clerical sentiment, unsentimental rebel codes and gung-ho gouging and splattering. Unlike garlic, Carpenter’s humor-leavened handling of evil doesn’t leave a bad taste in the mouth." – Variety

“In Carpenter’s hands, [James] Woods gives it everything he’s got and it feels like the role he was born to play. One of the best monologues delivered by Woods in the movie is when he gives his sidekick priest a rundown on Vampires: How to kill them, how to deal with them, what they do. It’s all told in a sweaty close up, and all completely improvised by Woods himself. Unreal." –

Vampires is one of Carpenter’s best films. (...)  It is an action packed, incredibly gory romp with its tongue planted firmly in cheek.” – Bloody Disgusting

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