Writer, producer and editor Sandy King formed Storm King Comics in 2012 as a division of Storm King Productions, which she leads with director John Carpenter. Storm King brings the best writers from the worlds of comics, movies and novel together to create a special brand of horror and sci-fi entertainment for readers of all ages. The flagship book from Storm King Comics, John Carpenter’s Asylum, has become a global fan favorite, and has been followed by the award-winning annual anthology John Carpenter’s Tales for a HalloweeNight, and a monthly anthology series, John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction. Storm King has continued to expand with new titles and new imprints — among them the recent additions of Dark & Twisted, John Carpenter’s Night Terrors, and John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids, which introduces horror and sci-fi to younger readers. Based in Hollywood, California, Storm King Comics titles are available online, at comic-book retailers and at booksellers.



In tunnels beneath the city, in the dark alleys among the homeless, demons lurk and Lucifer bides his time. One man knows. One man sees. One man walks those dark streets. Father Daniel Beckett’s seen demons and he’s spoken to the Devil, but he’s never seen an angel and he’s never spoken to God. Obsessed and driven as much by betrayal as righteousness and anger as redemption, he walks the smoke-filled encampments of lost souls like Dante’s nine rings of the Inferno. He is God’s warrior at war with God.


From the mind of John Carpenter, the man who brought you the classic horror film Halloween and all the scares beyond, and the heart of writer/editor/producer Sandy King, comes the award-winning annual anthology series, John Carpenter’s Tales For A HalloweeNight.  Carpenter and King bring together the best storytellers from movies, novels, and comics, to capture the essence of their favorite season in these spine-tingling collections of twisted tales of terror, tricks, and treats.  If you get too scared, just remember… it’s only a comic. It’s only a comic.  Or is it?  Happy Halloween!


From the mind of John Carpenter and the heart of Sandy King, the monthly anthology series John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction was born.  The definitive collection of stories at the crossroads of horror and sci-fi, each mini series explores the universal fears of the unknown, from the outer reaches of space, to the inner depths of the human mind.  Follow us into dark futures with tales of alien encounters, interstellar travel, mind control, and a good hard stare at the coming apocalypse.  This is what SciFi looks like in the John Carpenter universe.


John Carpenter and Sandy King have brought you every horror imaginable, and now… they’re coming for your kids!  Storm King Comics is proud to present our YA, MG, and all ages line of graphic novels, John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids, introducing horror and sci-fi to a whole new generation of fans.  From spooky bunnies, to teens going through horrifying changes, Storm Kids has something for every age group.  With the quality you’ve come to expect, we’re bringing some of the world’s greatest writers and artists together to spin spooky stories for younger readers.  Sure, honor students are great, but is your kid a Storm Kid?  YA stories are intended for ages 12 and up, and MG stories are intended for kids 8 and up. 


A good nights sleep?  Not if we can help it.  Take a trip into the nightmare worlds that only John Carpenter and Sandy King can bring you, in Storm King Comics’ graphic novel series: John Carpenter’s Night Terrors.  Sleep is not an option.


Storm King Comics Dark & Twisted is the newest line from Sandy King’s award-winning Storm King Comics, bringing you more of the nightmarish tales you’ve come to expect from The Master of Horror, John Carpenter, and our Queen of the Damned, Sandy King. But Dark & Twisted brings horror to the streets. You won’t find aliens or demons in these pages. These monsters are human. This is the horror in the car next to you. The horror that’s unfolding in the cafe across the street. The horror you cross paths with every day, and don’t even notice. Until you do. Death Mask is the first story in Storm King Comics Dark & Twisted line.
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